The Surprising Benefit of Self Rationalization

Behavioral psychology books like Subliminal, Predictably Irrational, and Brain Bugs encourage becoming more conscious of self rationalization.

Plenty of studies have proven humans exhibit this behavior by creating evidence to support an outcome if it benefits us. This has generally led me to believe self rationalization is something to avoid.

After hearing a TED talk by philosopher Ruth Chang, I’ve realized this may not be the best mindset for certain types non-data driven decisions. Yes, this is a scary thought for metrics obsessed startup folks (guilty). [Read more…]

What is App Deep Linking and How it Can Drive Growth

[Update: As of iOS 9, Apple no longer supports the URI / URL scheme mentioned in the intro below. Branch Metrics provides a great overview of the switch to the new scheme, called Universal Links. Everything else in this post regarding deep linking strategies for growth still applies.]

For the uninitiated, app deep linking is a fancy way to refer to a URL that points to a specific part of an app. It’s analogous to a URL that points to a subfolder of a website. For example, Instagram assigns a deep link to every user’s profile: [Read more…]

App Hack: Tracking Desktop-to-Mobile Download Conversions

Tracking the referral sources of downloads for your native mobile app, and what people do after downloading, is difficult. The app store acts as a “black hole” and breaks the conversion funnel between a referral source (i.e. organic keywords) and a conversion inside your app (i.e. a purchase). I’ll vent write more about this later.

Most app landing pages have an “Available in the App Store” badge that links directly [Read more…]