What is App Deep Linking and How it Can Drive Growth

[Update: As of iOS 9, Apple no longer supports the URI / URL scheme mentioned in the intro below. Branch Metrics provides a great overview of the switch to the new scheme, called Universal Links. Everything else in this post regarding deep linking strategies for growth still applies.]

For the uninitiated, app deep linking is a fancy way to refer to a URL that points to a specific part of an app. It’s analogous to a URL that points to a subfolder of a website. For example, Instagram assigns a deep link to every user’s profile: [Read more…]

App Hack: Tracking Desktop-to-Mobile Download Conversions

Tracking the referral sources of downloads for your native mobile app, and what people do after downloading, is difficult. The app store acts as a “black hole” and breaks the conversion funnel between a referral source (i.e. organic keywords) and a conversion inside your app (i.e. a purchase). I’ll vent write more about this later.

Most app landing pages have an “Available in the App Store” badge that links directly [Read more…]